Information Technology Solutions

Juvenix InfoTech provides exclusive comprehensive IT solutions to individuals, government agencies, private firms and NGOs. Juvenix serves as a bridge for the application of business information and management systems in both large scale businesses and small and medium enterprises. Our solutions cuts across web/mobile application development, company branding, online marketing, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Graphics Design & Animation, E-Library, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relation Management, School Information Management Systems and Management Information Systems in general.

Under this vision, Juvenix seeks to maximise the impact and experience of the younger generations in innovative IT concepts and skills. We research, identify and develop IT solutions to improve lifestyles/business operations for both niche and generalised clients. Unlike other numerous IT companies in Nigeria, Juvenix InfoTech is all about creating and implementing innovative ideas and new concepts.


Educator Mobile Application


Juvenix Agriculture provides agricultural research, training, animal and cash crops production. The vision of this sector is to take advantage of the population, educational background and strength of the youths and align them with the experience of renowned professionals. We recruit youths with the education background and with the working experience to be trained and guided by our renowned professionals.

Juvenix produce major cash crops like maize, cassava, rice, tomatoes and soya beans. Our major animal product is fish. Juvenix hatches and sells Catfish, Croaker, Mackerel at the fry and adult stage.

Human Resource

Juvenix provides a well structured human resource solution. We ensure that our clients have a wide range of options for not just certified employees but employees with the desired skills. Juvenix focuses on the three core human resource services: Recruitment, Training and Outsourcing.

Recruitment: Juvenix focuses on graduate recruitment, however, not limited to it. We are interested in recruiting both fresh NYSC graduates and youths with peculiar skills. We offer a wide range of recruitment services especially the recruitment of contract, permanent and temporary positions for both Juvenix and other top companies or businesses. Since skills and technical know how tend to get the job done, rather than certifications, Juvenix made provision for skills specification during recruitment and carry out skill specific tests. 

Our recruitment procedures are:

Online Recruitment: This is the first stage of recruitment. Any already served graduate can register on our website and submit their curriculum vitae. 

Aptitude Test: A basic online test is given to our various candidates to test their IQ and basic knowledge. Those who successfully made it through the test will undergo two more advanced tests to ensure they are employable. None of these tests are generic, they are specific to job descriptions. 

Telephone Screening

Face-to-Face Interview

Training: Human capital development is considered one of the most crucial services of Human Resource companies and a key element of a company’s success. Human capital development is the creation of the necessary environment for employees to learn better and apply innovative ideas, acquire new competencies, develop skills, behaviours and attitudes. The people that make an organisation run are an asset to be invested in. If they can become more productive on an individual level through development, the organisation in turn will begin seeing productivity gains. 

Juvenix understands both the relevance of human capital development and and invest a lot in the training of already recruited candidates. We partner with companies to give these candidates actual work experience and training through our internship schemes. The internship scheme is used to identify candidates that meet the desired qualities by employers and develop them to: work under less supervision, provide job satisfaction, increase their skills and productivity.

Outsourcing: Juvenix outsourcing system provides standard and efficient outsourcing business procedure in various sectors, enabling companies to focus on their core business activities. We are committed to exemplary service to our clients and the management of employees from their point of entry to exit. 

We provide our services in these following areas:

  • Information technology Management
  • Marketing
  • Artisans
  • Food Production

Idea Development

Here in Juvenix, we believe that nothing is as promising as a great business idea, however, these ideas do not develop themselves. We understand the challenges that comes with making these ideas a reality and we are set out to support you in implementing your idea.

One of our core values is our value of trust, and high regards for confidentiality and respect intellectual property rights. The project is yours and our duty is to support you with the technical know how, finance and other requirements. 

If you have an idea or project you would like us to help you with, you may get started here.

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